Four Advantages of Using an Onsite Check-in App

The event check-in app or onsite check-in app is one of the most helpful event management solutions for event organizers. It’s practically a mobile app that organizers can download to their mobile devices for the check-in process. For large events, the need to automate the said process is very important for ease of access to the venue. Here are four advantages on why you should consider investing in this event planning app:

1.) Queueing times are reduced.

The onsite check-in app was designed to specifically curb long queueing times during check-in. Its features such as the QR code reader helps organizers automatically confirm the attendance of guests in as fast as two seconds. Persons in charge of the queue can simply scan any ticket using their mobile device’s camera. As long as the QR code is valid, an attendee can proceed right away to the venue. Imagine organizing a large event with hundreds to thousands of attendees. The amount of time you can save is largely significant to be on time with the event agenda.

2.) Badging process can be integrated.

The event management app designed specifically for check-in can also have functions integrated with the badging process. Depending on who your provider is, the app can be directly connected to a wireless printer. As soon as attendance is confirmed, you just have to press a button to automatically print a badge. Alternatively, you can print badges beforehand. When your attendees are successfully checked-in, you can direct them to a claiming station where they can easily collect their badges.

3.) Attendees are impressed.

The use of an onsite check-in app will also leave your attendees impressed. Instead of using old-fashioned methods where organizers have to look through printed guest lists on clipboards, your attendees will see how modern and organized your event is. The convenience of a fast check-in process is also good for attendees who are impatient and who do not want to be stuck in long queues.

4.) Human error is reduced

Last but not the least, an onsite check-in app reduces chances for human error. The app allows you to retrieve guest lists and manage specific attendees within seconds. Since it uses stable algorithms, chances of checking in the wrong attendee are eliminated, as an example. You won’t have to suffer using paper guest lists as well that can be messy and that you may easily lose if you are not careful during your events.

Those are only some of the advantages of using this type of apps for events.