Using an Event Management Software for Matchmaking and Check-In

An event booking software that uses data integration is one of best solutions you can use as an event organizer. Data integration simply means that all solutions you are using are running on the same data. A good set-up, for example, would be using a software that integrates data for event registration, attendee matchmaking, and check-in. This ensures that even if you delete or modify guest details, this change will be automatically reflected when you use either the matchmaking or check-in solution.

Here are specific steps on how to use different solutions found within the same event management software:

1.) Set up online registration.

Use a software that offers all-in-one service including creating an event website with registration capabilities. By providing prospective attendees the chance to register online, you may potentially increase the number of confirmed guests on the day of your event. After all, it is very convenient to register and pay for tickets online. Many event organizers fail to realize the importance of online registration and they end up losing sales.

2.) Manually add other attendees.

If you have already closed your online registration website but you are still willing to take in more attendees, you can manually add attendees using the software. If it’s just one attendee you are adding, you can simply click on an “add attendee” button. However, for bulk uploads, most software would allow you to upload a CSV file to automate the process and help you save time.

3.) Open matchmaking scheduler and moderate.

Since your attendee list is now complete, you can now open the best appointment scheduling software. This allows your attendees to book meetings amongst themselves following time slots that are most convenient to them. If you find that your attendees are not participative, you can moderate the process itself. You can log in as the administrator and match two attendees. If they both accept your proposition, their meeting will be automatically added to their personal agendas.

4.) Follow check-in process during your event.

Last but not the least, you should make sure to follow an efficient onsite check-in process on the day of your event. Whether you will be using the software dashboard or using a dedicated mobile app such as the onsite check-in app, your goal is to reduce queueing times and make sure that all processes are running as smoothly as possible. After all, it is almost everybody’s pet peeve to be stuck waiting in a line for a long time – especially when it gets too crowded.

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